Monsieur Tussauds

A collection of 9,000 candles made from the earwax of the rich and famous. Visitors should check in advance when the candles are lit as each candle is only alight for one minute every three months in order to preserve the candles for as long as possible. The largest candle is made from contributions from Jumbo the Elephant and it is estimated this candle will finally expire in 2018. A crowd of 5,000 attended the last flickerings of the Winston Churchill candle in 2007.   

Seek Park

This small park is close to the exit of Kensington Gardens and shouldn’t be missed as it contains a smaller version of the Golden Temple at Amritsar although the temple is hidden away and takes some finding without a map.  The gardens are full of tulips of different colours.

Greener than Green Park

Sight of central London’s only solar panels and wind turbine. Visitors can also see the world’s smallest wave generator, which converts the wakes of the ducks, geese, and swans paddling on the lake, into electricity. Visitors can recycle all their rubbish and throw all compostable material onto the compost heap. All the plants in Greener than Green Park are vegetables and are used to feed London’s homeless people. There are ten beehives that produce one of the world’s finest inner-city honeys.