Extract from Travel Tales from Exotic Places

Antigua boasts of its 365 beaches, one for each day of the year, so I could understand the pained look on the taxi driver’s face when a cruise ship tourist asked him to take her
to the beach for three hours.

I was at Redcliffe Quay in St John’s the capital of Antigua, close to the cruise ship terminal at Heritage Quay. There are many wonderful restaurants and cafes around
Redcliffe, named after the church of St Mary Redcliffe in Bristol, England. I ate lunch at the Café Napoleon and the food was really tasty.

It’s five minute’s walk from the West Bus station to  Redcliffe Quay. Along the way, don’t miss the garish memorial to VC Bird at the end of Valley Road where it joins Market Street.

St John’s Cathedral looks like it’s in the middle of a large restoration project, so the best places to visit in the capital are the National Museum and the colourful buildings along Long Street.