Las Alpujarras – Part 9

Now knowing my location, I headed through the conifers, down to the stream. The trees by the stream were swaying slightly as the water gurgled along by my side towards Trevelez. There was a café open in the oldest part of town. A beer disappeared in double-quick time. The smiling son of the owner brought me some bread and a little pot of freshly cooked stew made from beef and runner beans. Dipping the bread into the stew, I realized how hungry I was. Some bleating goats wandered along the street and were as curious about me as the locals who were sitting close by, gossiping and nodding in my direction. I took off my boots, stretched my legs out so that they rested on a railing, and just admired the view down the valley towards the Mediterranean Sea, which was somewhere in the distance. It didn’t really matter as this felt like a blissful ending to a wonderfully exhausting day.

The End…

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