Bathsheba – Part 2

John’s Path is indicated by blue and green arrows and covers the steeper parts of the garden. The most eye-catching plants are numbered 1-22, which correspond to items on the information sheet that people are given when they arrive. A self-guided tour along  John’s Path will take about an hour and a quarter depending on how many pictures are taken.

The Bougainvillea Garden is breathtakingly situated at the highest point of the garden. Standing under the Bougainvilleas the landscaped gardens seemingly tumble down to the Atlantic itself. Bougainvillea is native to central South America and named after the first Frenchman to circumnavigate the globe. At Andromeda the clusters of flowers are surrounded by three or six pink bracts.

The Mussaenda is well represented in the gardens; there are white Mussaenda, or the Virgin Tree, in the form of shrubs but these plants can go grow to be the size of small trees. Mussaenda is related to coffee trees and is native to a number of diverse places such as Thailand and tropical West Africa.

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