Visitors can see the Sierra Nevada mountains from the Alhambra in Granada. When the Moors left in 1492 they moved to the remote areas in the southern part of these mountains and by the use of terracing and irrigation transformed the valleys into some of the most fertile in the whole of Spain. Grapes, oranges, figs, and bananas were all grown in this area now known as Las Alpujarras – derived from the Arabic word for grassland al-Busherata.

There are around 80 villages and hamlets in the Alpujarras together with isolated manor houses and farms, all of which are connected by trails. Some of the tracks are old caminos reales, the highways of medieval Spain. The variety of trails in Las Alpujarras is the main reason for hiking there. There are easy river walks, hikes between white mountain villages and stiff ascents of some of the highest peaks in Western Europe to choose from.

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